“With Veovo´s high-tech sensors and advanced data analysis, we have a detailed real-time, as well as historical, seamless picture of guest flow, enabling us to dynamically make strategic operational and park design decisions, rather than basing them on gut feeling.”universe science park logo

Jonas Juhl LuttermannChief Operation Officer, Universe Science Park

“Veovo’s live re-forecasting capabilities provide us with an early heads-up on changes to passenger presentation profiles. This allows us to easily adapt plans and rosters to reflect the current situation, improving journeys and keeping costs down.”

Keflavik Airport Logo

Thordis BjornsdottirSpecialist in operation research

With Veovo’s sensors and analytics, the MTA has more reliable data to inform service changes and improve safety on platforms.



Natalia QuinteroDirector of the Transit Tech Lab, Metropolitan, Transit Authority, New York

“Veovo is unparalleled in providing real-time situational clarity and clever automation, while also lowering our operating costs. It’s a great foundation for future growth and passenger engagement innovation.”

Belfast Airport Chris McGarry
Chris McGarryInformation Technology Manager

“Veovo helps us manage performance with data-driven certainty. With real-time visibility of passenger flow, we can keep pinch-point processing quick, but also make holistic decisions on how to create more efficient and more meaningful customer experiences throughout the airport.”

Michiel de HaasCapacity Manager

“The sharing of real-time operation information across all A-CDM partners has created efficiencies throughout our business, leading to more effective and smart decision making.”

Mark Wilson
Mark WilsonOperations Performance Delivery Manager

“Veovo gives us real-time insights into our operations and resources, allowing us to reduce delays and lower service costs”.

Alan MerryStrategy & Development Director

“Veovo’s emphasis on predictability and connectivity enable both the airport and its partners to respond much faster to events, and was a key consideration when selecting this new generation operational suite of tools.”

Graham KeddieManaging Director

“Veovo gives us instant clarity of what’s happening, and when, across the airport. It allows us to make fast, proactive decisions, particularly around events like changes in flight schedules.”

Leanne GibsonGeneral Manager Facilities, Transport & Information Technology

“Veovo has allowed us to gain a good understanding of the security check-point dynamics, and most importantly, our customers benefit directly by getting a better service.”

Anita FilliProject Manager Land-side Operations