Flight Management & AODB

Smash the silos. Run your airport on real data from Veovo’s mobile enabled, cloud hosted AODB.
Airport AODB

Airports are complex. Change is constant

For efficiency and performance, visibility is key. But you can’t see what’s happening if you can’t connect to the systems that matter. With Veovo Flight Management, go beyond the traditional AODB, for a unified, predictive view across operations. Multi-airport proven. 

Unlock insights

Break down operational silos and run your airport on meaningful data, with one trusted, consistent source of truth.

Get work done faster

Get the information you and your partners need to streamline and mobilise daily operations – how you need it, where you need it.

Pre-empt challenges

Anticipate and flag unexpected events and flight delays in the hours ahead. Proactively address issues with a one-touch resolution.

All the tools you need to bridge
the gap of understanding

Synchronise services with situational awareness 
Give your teams and partners one common operating platform with data that is consistent, prioritised and validated. Veovo’s Airport Operational Database smooths data accessibility with a library of adapter services such as IATA, Euro-control, AIDX, Type B.

Monitor the progress of every flight in real-time and connect people movement and baggage flows. When can you see it all at a glance, it’s easier to orchestrate teams and improve on-time performance.
Streamline work with role based priorities
Veovo smart rules interprets and surfaces the information you need right now, how you need it., from a role-based portal. Work from where you want with a browser based system

Get work done faster with intelligent workflow, a ‘manage by exception’ user experience, configurable alerts and tailored notifications. Maintain security with individual element-level access control.
Take proactive action with predictions
A new-look operational scheduler powers rapid day-of-operations decisions by anticipating changes to the plan. Identify and predict the events associated with each flight, including CDM milestones, and get ahead of any delays.

When you can act in advance, you reduce the number of late gate changes and improve punctuality.

Further improve your airport performance

Explore other range of solutions Veovo has to offer for better decision making and improve your airport operations.

Maximise capacity
Resource Management
Craft the optimal gate, belt and check-in plans for your flight schedule to maximise capacity and minimise delays.
Maximise capacity
Resource Management
Craft the optimal gate, belt and check-in plans for your flight schedule to maximise capacity and minimise delays.
Bill smarter and faster
Revenue Management
A flexible aeronautical billing engine that enables you to build competitive charges,  reduce revenue leakage and improve sustainability.
Machine learning predictions
Passenger Forecasting
Precisely predict when bags and travellers will arrive at any touch point across the airport. So you can make better plans.

Our product in action

See how Veovo's Flight Management & AODB has helped airports across the world to improve their performance.
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Go beyond
the traditional AODB

Let Veovo Flight Management take the heavy lifting out of situational awareness.
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