Capacity Optimizer

Plan ahead and stay ahead with tools that optimize lane opening plans for check-in, security and border control.

Do you trust your plans?

Optimal capacity planning based on live data, not human hunches, is not just long overdue. It’s a vital step towards building more resilient and agile airport operations.

Use infrastructure efficiently

Take in account available capacity, resourcing constraints and live data to know how many lanes to open and for how long.

Better experiences for less

Intelligent automation lets you plan smarter, so you process customers faster, at a lower cost to serve.

Build trust

When all your partners can see and have confidence in the plan, they are more likely to follow it.

Optimized capacity plans

Better look ahead planning
Meet your wait time targets by planning security and border control lanes openings per minute based on the flight schedule, passenger show up forecasts and staff rosters. Allocate check in counters according to passenger show up forecasts and availability constraints. Use ‘what if’ scenario planning to understand the impact of maintenance works or possible schedule and passenger load changes – and become better prepared.
Optimize plans for the situation
Use live data to adjust plans in the operational window to ensure service level agreements are met. Veovo Capacity Optimizer automatically updates the plan with real-time queue, and flow data, updated passenger forecasts by flight, real time productivity insight and staff availability. So you can fine tune work shifts, reschedule breaks, reassign check in counters or allocate more border control lanes to specific passport types.
Continually improve
Did everyone follow the plan? If not, why not? With Veovo you can track actual lane opening against the plan, and understand the impact on service levels. This fact based performance evaluation then helps improve future planning.

Further improve your airport performance

Explore other range of solutions Veovo has to offer for better decision making and improve your airport operations.

Improve queue insight
Queue Management
Get real-time and historical insight into queue wait times, occupancy and productivity, and improve experiences.
Improve queue insight
Queue Management
Get real-time and historical insight into queue wait times, occupancy and productivity, and improve experiences.
Machine learning predictions
Passenger Forecasting
Precisely predict when bags and travellers will arrive at any touch point across the airport. So you can make better plans.
Curb to flight analytics
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Understand how people move, on a by-flight basis, right across terminals. So you can shape and smooth journeys.

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