Passenger Forecasting

Act in confidence. No more guessing. With Veovo machine learning powered forecasts, you can make better plans.
Airport passenger forecast

Can you predict what’s coming?

In a busy airport, change is constant, making planning difficult. With Veovo you can accurately forecast how many people and bags will arrive at every touch point, and at what time. So you can make data driven decisions to optimise your airport.

Predict with confidence

Over 99% accuracy in forecasting show up profiles, on a per flight basis, for arriving, transferring and departing travellers and baggage.

Proactive not reactive

As forecasts are continually updated with live data, you know what’s coming and can adjust plans on the fly before passengers are impacted.

Optimised operations

Armed with accurate forecasts you can make better resourcing and capacity plans, driving down wait times and costs.

Predict every interaction

Data driven decisions
Tap into boarding pass scans, historic arrival profiles, AODB and live queue data – Veovo forecasts are always on point with machine learning ensuring continual improvement. And as the software requires minimal human input you get more time to focus on improving experiences.
Better predictions across all time horizons
Forecast confidently across all time horizons. Use predictions to make data driven long-term strategy plans such as route planning and airport design. Improve short-term operational decisions such as adjusting lane openings and gate allocations on the day of operations.
Scale everywhere. Improve transparency
Start in one area and extend your predictions to cover your passengers’ journey throughout the airport – from check in, security, retail and border control show up profiles to passenger restricted mobility (PRM), transfers and baggage volumes by flight – at any time. Share forecasts with aviation partners via a configurable web portal and build confidence and trust.

Further improve your airport performance

Explore other range of solutions Veovo has to offer for better decision making and improve your airport operations.

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Improve queue insight
Queue Management
Get real-time and historical insight into queue wait times, occupancy and productivity, and improve experiences.
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Our product in action

See how Veovo’s Passenger Forecasting has helped airports across the world to improve their performance.
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Act in confidence.
No more guessing

Predict what’s coming and make data driven decisions to drive optimal airport performance.
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