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Plan. Predict.

Joining up data and decisions for brilliant outcomes.

Introducing the Intelligent Airport Platform

Chart a course for optimal performance with a suite of airport management tools designed for collaboration, prediction and smarter decision making.

Collaboration, not isolation

Veovo’s modular platform connects people, processes, and information throughout the airport, providing a personalised view for every role but ensuring a big-picture understanding. So you can align teams around the metrics that matter.

Drive predictability

Veovo uses real data and AI to give you the edge in preparing better for the future and adapting to the present with confidence. Our products analyse past trends and real-time information to boost resource planning, predict off-block times, optimise aircraft turns, and increase revenue.

Make smarter decisions

Make smarter decisions

With smart automation, personalised notifications and optimisation engines, our products provide the best recommendations for your role. When you can quickly assess the impact of every scenario, you make the best decisions for overall airport performance.

Our platform foundations

Modern, scalable, secure and future-ready.


Open platform with a broad and flexible set of integrations to airport-wide systems and 3rd party messages.


Captures, validates and enriches data to provide a single source of truth across all airport stakeholders.

Machine learning

AI models with baked-in domain knowledge support better decision-making and learn from outcomes.


Available as a Veovo fully managed cloud service or single tenant hosted on premise, Veovo’s platform is scalable, safe and secure.

Continuous delivery

Regular cadence of software updates to enable innovation at pace.


Designed for maximum availability, security and integrity with role-based authentication, encryption and performance monitoring.

Our products

Supercharge your efficiency. Make smarter decisions for better outcomes with Veovo.
Airport Operations
Passenger Predictability
Revenue Management
Optimize daily operations
Flight Management & AODB
Monitor and manage scheduled flight operations in real-time - from anywhere.
Maximise capacity
Resource Management
Craft the optimal gate, belt and check-in plans for your flight schedule to maximise capacity and minimise delays.
Activate the ecosystem
Predictive pre-departure tracking for better turnaround co-ordination, on time performance and lower emissions.
Simplify engagement
Go beyond static displays, with dynamic guest information and offers in any language.
Improve queue insight
Queue Management
Get real-time and historical insight into queue wait times, occupancy and productivity, and improve experiences.
Make better plans
Capacity Optimizer
Plan ahead and stay ahead with tools that optimize lane opening plans for check-in, security and border control.
Curb to flight analytics
Flow Management
Understand how people move, on a by-flight basis, right across terminals. So you can shape and smooth journeys.
Machine learning predictions
Passenger Forecasting
Precisely predict when bags and travellers will arrive at any touch point across the airport. So you can make better plans.
Machine learning predictions
Passenger Forecasting
Precisely predict when bags and travellers will arrive at any touch point across the airport. So you can make better plans.
Bill smarter and faster
Revenue Management
A flexible aeronautical billing engine that enables you to build competitive charges,  reduce revenue leakage and improve sustainability.

Join those shaping the future of airports

See how our customers, from trailblazing high growth regional airports to pioneering hubs are harnessing Veovo to drive up their airport performance, and customer experience.

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