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Flow Management

Unique journey insight - from curb to flight. Shape and smooth arrival, departure and transfer experiences.

Not everyone behaves the same way.

With Veovo Flow Management you see how people move, on a by-flight basis, right through the terminal. So you can accurately shape and improve journeys.

Reduce times

Align gate and belt allocations to flow patterns by flight to reduce delays and speed bag reclaims.

Grow revenue

Uncover optimal retail layouts and advertising, signage and kiosk placement to reduce congestion and boost income.

Invest wisely

Understand the impact of each process change on the end-to-end journey and prioritise investments.

Haven’t found what you needed?

That really depends on your physical space, ceiling heights, lane layout, business needs and budget. With Veovo you don’t need to worry about being locked into one type of sensor. Our unique hybrid analytics platform allows you to connect the best combination of data sources to achieve your aims, whether it be providing better check-in experiences, understanding passenger movement from curb to flight, or optimising your security lane resourcing. The system can even connect to existing sensors, cameras and infrastructure, protecting your investments.

This approach monitors the wait time of each sub-queue and automatically guides passengers to the shortest one. This reduces variance in wait times and unexpected delays between lanes, improving the overall experience for passengers and reducing costs.

When passengers enter a space via separate entrances for priority vs economy passengers or VIP guests for example, the system can anonymously follow them throughout the process areas regardless of whether they are mingled later in the process. This allows you to analyse how people move and wait in every area according to type.

When cameras can “pass” a person from one field of vision to another, you can see movement across larger areas and anticipate crowding or overflow before it happens. Veovo’s people technology is unique as it uses our smart edge data processing to stitch together visual fields of multiple cameras for the widest field of view.

Veovo’s Open API platform means that it’s easy to connect live wait time data to your website, airport apps, or local displays.

Optimize airport operations

Get a true curb-to-flight understanding
Arrival times, movement patterns and dwell times vary greatly depending on the airline, time of day, travel class and destination – impacting terminals in different ways. Veovo goes beyond general passenger profiles to provide a by-flight journey perspective.
Uncover connections patterns
With flight-to-flight transfer pattern insight, including for self-connecting passengers, you can make the right gate allocations and touchpoint resourcing decisions to reduce delays and missed flights.
Full multi-modal insight
Combine airport flow insight with traffic and rail data for full journey planning. When you understand how people arrive, park and leave your terminal, on a by-flight basis, it’s easier to identify the root causes of delays and make informed decisions.

Haven’t found what you needed?

Veovo’s flow management anonymously collects device traces left by passengers as they travel to the airport and right through the terminal to the gate. By linking this information with data from the airport operational database and boarding pass scans, the system can determine how people move and dwell by flight.

While Lidar and 3D camera sensors are powerful technologies to accurately understand movement in specific areas, they are expensive to cover an entire airport. Any passenger who moves into a non-covered area like a bathroom is also ‘lost’. For curb to gate journeys, Veovo uses a more cost-effective approach by using existing WiFi infrastructure and low-cost sensors to ensure full coverage of visitor paths.

Whatever sensor is used to capture movement data, no kind of personally identifiable information is transmitted or stored. With truncation, encryption and randomisation it is impossible to link data back to devices or people. The sensors are configured to be GDPR compliant.

Further improve your airport performance

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