Resource Management

Optimise fixed resources. Supercharge efficiency. Maximise capacity. Veovo’s cloud - based RMS is intelligently automated resource mastery.
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Balancing stakeholder needs & constraints

How do you create resilient plans while optimising resource use and flexing to live events? You use Veovo RMS. It crafts optimal gate, bus, belt and check-in allocation plans across all time horizons so you can keep things running smoothly.

Maximise capacity

Automatically build the best resource plans and increase capacity without having to add stands

Minimise conflicts and delays

Proactively adapt to events with re-allocations based on your business rules and priorities.

Ensure full transparency

Put seasonal plans and live updates in the hands of all your partners, wherever they are.

Your airport’s resourcing decision engine

All resources. All planning horizons. Your priorities
With our airport RMS, you can automate the planning of all your resources, including gate, stands, airside buses, counters, baggage reclaims and laterals.

Blend rules, constraints, partner preferences and your own KPIs  –  from limiting tows to improving transfer experiences and shortening turn times – and plan for performance.
Flex to day of operations realities
Proactively adjust plans to handle the dynamic nature of daily operations by tapping into real-time flight data, people flow forecasts and off-block time predictions. Automate simple re-allocations or switch to manual control with data-driven recommendations.

With scenario planning you can see the impact of every allocation on the wider airport priorities and make more informed decisions.
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Efficiencies across the airport
Save hours a day in manual planning and resource reallocations. Share relevant plans in real time with ground handlers and airline staff via a web based portal, so everyone is on the same page.

When resources ae optimized and everyone is in sync, you avoid late gate changes, decrease buffers between flights, reduce delays and increase airport resilience.

Further improve your airport performance

Explore other range of solutions Veovo has to offer for better decision making and improve your airport operations.

Optimise daily operations
Flight Management & AODB
Monitor and manage scheduled flight operations in real-time - from anywhere.
Optimise daily operations
Flight Management & AODB
Monitor and manage scheduled flight operations in real-time - from anywhere.
Bill smarter and faster
Revenue Management
A flexible aeronautical billing engine that enables you to build competitive charges,  reduce revenue leakage and improve sustainability.
Machine learning predictions
Passenger Forecasting
Precisely predict when bags and travellers will arrive at any touch point across the airport. So you can make better plans.

Our product in action

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