What's new in Veovo Platform - recent releases

Once a quarter we bring out updates to our new generation platform. Below is a list of all major updates within the last few quarters. We have a full list of all updates listed on our community site which you can access here.

Q4 2023

Revenue Management (Billing)

  • Introduction of volume-based tariffs, credit and discounts. This can be tied to any variable, such as the number of movements or passengers and can be used as another way of incentivising airline behaviour. 

Q3 2023

Portal (all apps)

  • New IATA delay codes support. In addition, the historical 2 letter codes can still be used in parallel until airports have completed all integrations and migrations to the new standard.
  • Notification tray ‘to do’ cards now display flight times (departure/arrival) in sequential order (flight time hierarchy). This reduces manual effort in tracking flight times separately and helps users prioritise tasks based on the flight schedule.

Revenue Management (Billing)

  • Role-based credit thresholds allow airports to control the amount of credits extended, reducing the risk exposure. While credits over the threshold require approval, billing runs can still progress without those events, allowing for smoother billing processes and preventing delays. 
  • Bill-run status visibility. A new billing queue app enables billing users to view the status and stage of a billing run – for example, how far through the calculation process the billing run is and how it’s performing. Users can also stop, manage and queue individual processes offering more flexibility and visibility into bill run management, particularly for high-volume data airports. 

Q2 2023

Portal (all apps)

  • Improved accessibility. Flight status icons in the operational schedule have been refreshed to make it easier to see at a glance the status of a flight (early / on time / delayed / diverted to / diverted from / cancelled and completed). The portal has also been designed to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 standards, supporting and improving functionality for users with accessibility needs. This includes keyboard navigation, site-wide colours that are redesigned to support colour-blind users and the ability to increase the font size for visually impaired users. 

Revenue Management (Billing)

  • Route support scheme / Competitive charges. We have refreshed our powerful tool for encouraging new route growth, the re-opening of old routes and more precise targeting of the incentive, e.g. load factor or seat capacity. We have also simplified the rollout of these schemes to ensure there is no double-dipping of incentives from airlines and limits the charges or rebates where multiple rebates by a group may apply – The best scheme wins! Staff no longer have to craft mutually exclusive incentives, and all charges are available for management reporting, so the impact of this competition is transparent.

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