Passenger Predictability Product Update

March 2024

Veovo continues to invest in broadening the breadth of data sources and the uses cases for its passenger predictability solution.


We’re excited to announce the integration of Amorph’s LiDAR 3D perception software into our Passenger Predictability solution. This extends our platform’s capability to accommodate any sensor or combination of sensors. The best combination of people movement technology, including LiDAR, to meet airports’ infrastructure, measurement requirements and budgets. Amorph’s software accurately translates LiDAR point clouds into precise people movement data, with accuracy down to a few millimetres. 

Blip Vision (3D people movement analytics) 

We have added trails to our BlipVision Dashboard. This simple yet effective change gives staff a very visually easy way to follow the flow of passengers and quickly identify any anomalies or unexpected behaviour traits.



Data sources

Passenger show-up forecasting has been enhanced to support live and accurate predictions with limited data sets, e.g., where no boarding pass scan data is available.  Recent pilots achieved an 18% reduction in wait time and a 50% improvement in passenger sentiment at TSA checkpoints.  

Forecasting Use Cases 

We have extended the depth and breadth of our forecasting and lane planning optimisation capabilities. By integrating the flight schedule, we can predict passenger shows by flight at each checkpoint and forecast passenger arrival volumes, transfer numbers and bag volumes by flight, major people flows, and occupancies by segment.  

What if scenario planning 

The benefit of a continuously updated accurate forecast is that it can be used to create a similarly accurate lane opening plan. The new ‘What If scenario’ tool allows for analysing the impact of opening or closing lanes on wait times throughout the day, using real-time show-up forecasts. If necessary, the simulated plan can seamlessly transition into the live plan, facilitating confident day-of-operations decisions. 

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