LiDAR for Queue and Flow Management

Transform experiences with LiDAR for airports - the next generation people movement sensor.

How well do you understand people flow in every area?

With traditional 3D camera sensors, infrastructure constraints can limit insight and push up costs.  

Add LiDAR technology to your people flow toolkit. And experience a step change in understanding how people move, dwell and interact – right across your airport.

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Accurately and continuously monitor passenger and vehicle movement in any lighting conditions. So you can take action sooner.

Scale anywhere

LiDAR tracks thousands of people concurrently in and across any area and processing point, from kerb to gate.

Transform journeys

From better queuing experiences to operational efficiency and planning, LiDAR data drives safer and smarter operations.

What LiDAR x Veovo can deliver

Unmatched accuracy

LiDAR uses laser beams to create 3D images of people and vehicles.  

Our perception software then monitors the position, speed and behaviour of these objects as they move — with precision and complete privacy.

Low cost of ownership

LiDAR excels where camera technology often falters. 

With a long-range, wide field of view and the ability to work in low light and under low ceilings, you can cover large areas with fewer sensors. Both indoors and out.

Best in class queue analytics

Veovo AI analytics transforms movement data into actionable insight, alerts and recommendations. Choose from our library of ready-to-use KPIs or define your own.  

Measure occupancy, crowding, dwell time, predicted wait time, production by lane, and bag divest time. Use automatic queue detection to understand unstructured and dynamic queues.  Balance queues and optimise lane opening plans

Using LiDAR for airport flow management

Manchester Airports Group selects Veovo as strategic partner for flow management technology

Veovo’s sensor-agnostic analytics platform means MAG can use any combination of sensors that best suit their physical space, ceiling heights, lane layout and business needs. The system uses a combination of LiDAR, 3D Stereo cameras and the airport’s Wi-Fi infrastructure to understand the movement of passengers through the terminal. It will show queue times at key process points and provide flight-specific insights on appearance profiles, dwell times and movement.

Why Veovo for LiDAR ?

Because a sensor is only the start. It’s what you do with the data that counts. 

Our software

With advanced data mining and AI/Machine Learning, we transform data into unmatched situational awareness and right-time recommendations. So you can act in confidence.

Our experience

Veovo partners with over 160 airport customers. So we know how to manage queues, even unstructured ones, and create brilliant experiences. 

Any hardware

With our open software platform you can connect the best combination of sensors for your needs, budget and infrastructure – including your existing tech.


One cloud solution, any area. With Veovo you can start at the optimum point of impact. Then expand into new zones or add forecasting and planning capabilities — all on the same platform.

Future Proof

As we are sensor agnostic, you have the freedom to connect new hardware as it comes to market. So your solution grows and evolves with you. And as our software is cloud-based, upgrades are seamless and frequent. 

Advance to TAM

Our platform goes beyond people flow to connect flight and resource data to optimise decision making.

Accelerate your path to Total Airport Management with Veovo.

Further improve your airport performance

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Improve queue insight
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