Go beyond Resource Management

Advance to Total Airport Management

Airport AODB

Join up data, predictions and decisions, airport wide

In this series of articles, our Product Manager, Justin Keene, explores the transition from traditional Resource Management Systems (RMS) to Total Airport Management.

Go beyond Resource Management. Advance to Total Airport Management.

When improving efficiency and experiences, airports tend to focus on one area at a time. Go beyond with Total Airport Management. Understand the impact of every decision on the passenger, the operational plan and revenue. Learn how AI and joined-up decisions can optimise the total airport.

Go beyond Resource Management. Optimise operations.

Late pushback estimates and gate changes impact efficiency, sustainability, and performance. This article looks at how airports can predict off-block delays early enough to re-sequence departures and anticipate resource conflicts early enough to prevent them. Learn how AI and joined-up decisions can optimise operations.

Go beyond Resource Management. Optimise experiences.

Flight operations drive check-in, gate and belt allocations. But what about experiences?  This article explores how to connect passenger and bag forecasts with resource planning so customers can go brilliantly. Learn how AI and joined-up decisions can optimise experiences.

Go beyond Resource Management. Optimise airside performance.

Ground handler constraints can upset even the best-laid plans. This article explores how airports can connect tow and equipment availability predictions with gate planning for efficient and faster turnarounds. Learn how AI and joined-up decisions can optimise airside performance.

Veovo’s  “Airport ML at scale” approach leverages insights from airport client engagements, resulting in a prediction engine that not only enhances our product range but can also be seamlessly integrated as a service into existing infrastructure. We believe this represents the future of airport technology, where advanced services seamlessly integrate with operational applications like Resource Management Systems to deliver real operational benefits.

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