“Veovo has helped us get a better understanding of the dynamic traffic system and provides quantifiable data to support the improvement measures to traffic flows. It allows us to provide world-class service to our customers and community by efficiently managing traffic flows in and out of the port.”

Timothy GoddenGeneral Manager of Strategy and Risk Management

“Veovo helps improve service levels for the municipality commuters. The real-time information allows drivers to make informed route choices that ultimately distribute traffic and increases the operational performance of the road network.”

Anders Kruse ChristiansenProject Manager at Aarhus Municipality

“Veovo gives us insights on how individual journeys can differ from each other, especially when traffic lights are involved. The ability to measure travel times over long stretches of road, with various queue lengths, and only looking at specific route choices, is another strength of the solution.”

Johanna KarlssonCEO of Trafik Stockholm

“With the solution, we´re able to measure capacity and traffic flow in real-time. It enables us to take proactive steps to initiate countermeasures if traffic build-up should occur.”

Otto AastrandTraffic Analyst at Trafik Stockholm

“Veovo helps Thai citizens to travel home faster. The system allows road users to make informed route choices and the Thai Highway Police to manage traffic in real-time.”

Dr. Songrit ChayananDirector, Samut Sakhon Highway District, Thailand.