“Veovo’s live re-forecasting capabilities provide us with an early heads-up on changes to passenger presentation profiles. This allows us to easily adapt plans and rosters to reflect the current situation, improving journeys and keeping costs down.”

Keflavik Airport Logo

Thordis BjornsdottirSpecialist in operation research

“Veovo helps us manage performance with data-driven certainty. With real-time visibility of passenger flow, we can keep pinch-point processing quick, but also make holistic decisions on how to create more efficient and more meaningful customer experiences throughout the airport.”

Michiel de HaasCapacity Manager

“Veovo has allowed us to gain a good understanding of the security check-point dynamics, and most importantly, our customers benefit directly by getting a better service.”

Anita FilliProject Manager Land-side Operations

“We are able to keep our passenger fully informed 24/7 about what to expect at security. Our aim is to make the experience as smooth as possible – Veovo helps us do that.”

Adrian WitherowChief Operating Officer

“With Veovo, we can proactively manage passenger flow, and respond promptly and efficiently to irregular operations and disruptions.”

Olivia PierreGeneral Manager of Commercial and Customer Experience

“Vital to our Master Plan programme is a deep understanding of airport capacity, bottlenecks and constraints, and Veovo is key to this.”

Chris WilsonHead of Terminal & Capacity

“Veovo has allowed us, together with our airport partners and stakeholders, to better manage operations, as well as improve the passenger experience by communicating expected wait times to passengers at processing points.”

Michael SideOperations Technology Asset Manager

“Veovo has dramatically improved our real-time operational decision-making, post-performance analysis, and capacity planning data analysis capabilities. But, perhaps, more importantly, it has helped us give our passengers a more positive airport experience.”

Paul ShawCustomer Services Planning Analyst

“Veovo gives us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best customer service and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise.”

Giorgio MediciHead of Customer Care

“Veovo enables us to monitor the quality of the terminal processes to improve resource planning, and to perform consistent reporting to internal and external stakeholders.”

Ward DecaluwéDirector Passenger Experience