“Veovo is unparalleled in providing real-time situational clarity and clever automation, while also lowering our operating costs. It’s a great foundation for future growth and passenger engagement innovation.”

Belfast Airport Chris McGarry
Chris McGarryInformation Technology Manager

“The sharing of real-time operation information across all A-CDM partners has created efficiencies throughout our business, leading to more effective and smart decision making.”

Mark Wilson
Mark WilsonOperations Performance Delivery Manager

“Veovo gives us real-time insights into our operations and resources, allowing us to reduce delays and lower service costs”.

Alan MerryStrategy & Development Director

“Veovo’s emphasis on predictability and connectivity enable both the airport and its partners to respond much faster to events, and was a key consideration when selecting this new generation operational suite of tools.”

Graham KeddieManaging Director

“Veovo gives us instant clarity of what’s happening, and when, across the airport. It allows us to make fast, proactive decisions, particularly around events like changes in flight schedules.”

Leanne GibsonGeneral Manager Facilities, Transport & Information Technology

“Veovo is providing us with real-time decision-making on where our resources are needed. We are most excited about the ability the system gives our teams to respond much quicker to unplanned events.”


Mike ClayGeneral Manager of Operations

“Veovo is facilitating a truly collaborative culture within the wider airport community. It is great to see the benefit of real-time information.”

Lachlan ThurstonManager Airport Performance

“Veovo not only allows us to work smarter, but it also gives us a platform, on which we can easily build innovative new services, and connect to emerging technologies”.

Niels GrosenActing CEO

“Veovo enables us to implement our growth and development strategies by underpinning our ability to share real-time flight, resourcing and passenger information across the airport “

Wayne SmithDirector of IT and Information Security

“Gold Coast Airport places a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional customer experience for our passengers and Veovo help us deliver on that.”


Marion CharltonChief Operation Officer