6 Steps to the Perfect Flight 

We know A-CDM works. So how do you get it right?

Airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) has improved turnaround performance and throughput at airports across Europe and APAC.

Of course, having the right data and tools to accurately predict events is critical.  But unless A-CDM is embraced by the people integral to the process, performance levels won't budge.

Download the ebook to learn

  • Tips to encourage partner engagement
  • The optimum rollout process for Airport CDM
  • How a major APAC airport reduced apron congestion by 23% and improved on-time departures by 2.3% with A-CDM

What's in the ebook ?

7 tips for ecosystem engagement

Learn how to get all stakeholders onboard from the outset - and help them embrace the new process

Extending the view

What other airside and terminal processes can be integrated to further improve performance

From data to decisions
A-CDM portal must haves

What to look for when building your collaboration platform - from data sources to prediction engine

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